W-12 Down

I would like to show how I made this base. First I looked at period photos for inspiration, but then I saw Steve Anderson's box art on the Wingnuts W 12 kit. With the plane dramatically crashing as smoke pours off of the engine I was hooked.


                                 after getting the kit we had a reviewed by Brad  hair

                                                                    than we had it built by  Brad hair

                               Up next was the figure for the base I only wanted one figure to keep the cost down
                               so we decided to make the guner still fighting  the battle and realize that the pilot
                               bailed and  with a  looked shocked
                               that's when I turned to the Ted Dyer a excellent sculptor and a castor
                               not only did he a great job but he also did  exactly  what we were looking for

                                           As for the smoke we design to fit in the w 12 without any modifications
                                          it's casting clearwith a  yellowish  tint  so you can wash it or dry brush it
                                          to make it cool You could try light it from behind

                        the base is cast  in expandable resin the smoke is clear resin and figure is three pieces
                        so this is

                          how we got here

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