Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"The Max" a groundwork base for displaying 1/32nd scale aircraft. AVAILABLE NOW!

A decorative ribbon forms the edge of the base. A resin copy of the Blue Max award will be provided though the customer can provide an alternative medal or use none at all. Grass and cobblestone textures are cast into the resin.
Here a test shot is being used to display a 1:32 Encore Models Blue Max Pfalz .
It can be also be used to display other 1/32nd or 1/48th scale aircraft, or armor, or cars.

AVAILABLE NOW FROM -    Victory Models 1/32 Display Base for WingNut Wings kits by ODG Studios - The Max

A review by Cybermodeler Online can be found at  ODG Studios 1/32 Blue Max Display Base First Look

Cast with a resin skin for detail over expanded foam for lightness.
10 inches/250mm diameter.

3/4 inch/20mm thick.

Here in-progress shots of it being used by Brad Hair Productions.